We Know a thing, or two about pain!

And, we’ve made it our business to know about alternative sports products and therapies.

From heat and cold therapy, to the latest CBD solutions and beyond, we’ve scoured the globe to bring the highest standard of natural sporting health products to pro athletes, fitness lovers and health gurus. Whether a seasoned pro, a wellbeing queen, trapeze high-flyer, or just someone dealing with a condition that requires that does of TLC, our products get the job done.

Who We Are

We’re the professional trailblazers in the know at the intersection of sports and wellness.

We’re the home of all things natural and all things sports and we want to give everyone access to brands that speak their language and products that deliver results. From pain reduction, recovery support to performance enhancement, our brands support everyone who values proper care of their bodies. Quality is our highest priority so our products abide by the highest manufacturing and production standards.

Our Brands

Rugby Strength

We know a thing or two about pain and we bottled its biggest opponent. Our new sports wellness line Rugby Strength is about to take the world by storm! Loved by rugby players, performance athletes, fitness trainers, MMA fighters and active people, these organic CBD body topicals tackle the most stubborn pain caused by intense or frequent wear on the body.

Formulated with the natural healing properties of CBD extract to offer long-lasting relief and help you speed up your recovery, or just to relax after a taxing day.

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Sports and health Wellness

Our products change the way we approach sports wellness, no matter what your sport!

Natural supplements are everywhere, but few are as well renowned as CBD for their wellness-boosting abilities. We’ve put years’ worth of research and expertise into our product – determined to bring you the very best in sports wellness. That’s what makes us the home of natural sports health and science. All our products are THC-free, non-GMO, vegan and organic.

A portion of the proceeds from Rugby Strength will be reinvested into the development of rugby around the world.






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Basket ball



How is our cbd Made

Do our products get you high?
Unfortunately not!

They have been specially developed to bring you the best in natural sports wellness and the highest standard of Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabis extract that doesn’t get you high, and helps you feel physically refreshed and invigorated.

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